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Our Beginning

We were hosting a family craft night and had a blast! The party started an exciting dream of opening a shop that offered quality craft classes on site.

Our dream quickly expanded to creating our own collection of beautiful handmade pieces. 

 We partnered with my husband for his knowledge and passion for wood working. After a few months perfecting our craft and building our collection we are finally open! This shop really is a dream come true.

This is our beginning and we are so glad you are a part of it! 

Meet 913 Craftery


Nice To Meet You!


Emilie Nikodym

Client Relations/Creator

I’m a busy momma with two sweet kiddos, two crazy dogs, a mini horse and an awesome husband! I believe in wowing our clients and creating beautiful pieces. This shop makes my heart happy and I am thankful for your support!


Lindsay McCracken


My family is my biggest passion in life. I work hard to make sure my four kids, my husband, and our lab puppy know how incredibly loved they all are! I put a great deal of myself into everything that I do and I adore creating beautiful pieces. 

913 Craftery is a dream come true for me! 


Wesley Mays


Wood working is something that started as a to do list years ago and quickly turned into my passion. I love hand selecting wood and transforming it into a piece that people can enjoy seeing in their homes.  I have made everything from picture frames to bed frames and I enjoy it all. Also, being a dad is my favorite thing on the planet.

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